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Malus sp.

Seneca Name


Common Name

"Common Apple," "Wild Apple"


Earth is Our Mother Trail

GPS Coordinates

N 42°57.768' W077°24.908'

The tree information presented here features native trees and the apple is a striking exception to that. The apple is not native to North America though it has become naturalized in Southern Canada and the Eastern United States. But since there were once apple orchards and cider presses at Ganondagan (before it was a historic site), it is right and appropriate to include the apple tree on this page.

The apple tree (30-40') has a short trunk with a spreading, rounded crown. The tree features showy pink-tinged blossoms in the spring that are followed by choice, edible fruit in late Summer and early Fall. Apple leaves are ovate (2-3.5" long, 1.25-2.25" wide) and saw-toothed. The bark of an apple tree is gray, fissured and scaly.

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