Skywoman Iroquois Dance Theater presents: The Iroquois Creation Story

Saturday, June 29th at 3 PM

Iroquois Creation Story interpretive theater through traditional song and dance

40 minute, one-act performance (cast includes 10 performers)

Cost: $8 non-Members, $5 Friends of Ganondagan Members
Limited tickets available day of show

Cost does not include admission to the Seneca Art & Culture Center Gallery, Exhibits, or Seneca Bark Longhouse

Location: Seneca Art & Culture Center Auditorium

The Iroquois creation story, as it is told in the “Skywoman” theatrical production, begins in Sky World. Sky Woman becomes pregnant and descends to Earth through a hole from the uprooted, Tree of Life. Skywoman lands on turtle’s back. Various animals attempt to bring mud from the bottom of the water and only the muskrat is successful. With a mere handful of soil, Skywoman dances the Earth into being - creating Turtle Island. From there, Skywoman has a baby girl, her daughter grows into a young woman and gives life to twins who represent good and evil – the daughter dies in child-birth and returns as the Three Sisters (corn, beans and squash).

As the twins grow, one creates as the other destroys – they fight, become embroiled in an epic conflict and eventually find a balance, all of which in turn, creates the things of the world and the people in it. Eventually, the twin brothers return to Sky World and leave instructions to the newly created humans on how to perform important ceremonies that give thanks.

This forty-minute, one-act performance utilizes traditional songs, dances and beautiful Seneca regalia. “Skywoman” is both an interpretive theatrical piece, as well as, a new way of sharing the Iroquois Creation Story, in a contemporary manner.