Tuesday, December 01, 2015
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Native American Winter Games & Sports
Free and Open to the public
Suggested donation $5 per family

Saturday, February 20, 2016 - 10 am to 4 pm

Event will take place with or without snow


Dog Sledding During the long harsh winters in Western New York, the Seneca people nestled in their bark longhouses to repair clothing, make tools and prepare for the spring.

Despite the winter weather, Seneca people remained active throughout the season. Many of the winter activities that traditionally occupied them outdoors are still in practice today.

Ganondagan's Winter Games & Sports is a  way to celebrate and discover the Seneca ways of winter through traditional Native American activities. 

Dog Sledding Demonstrations
Experience the thrill of watching a dog sled team racing across the snow.

Traditional Arts
View live demonstrations of crafts practiced by Native people during the winter season.

Enjoy the rare chance to try your hand at the game of Snowsnake, a Haudenosaunee sport steeped in tradition.

A Haudenosaunee winter sport - Snowsnake

Explore trails on snowshoe. Two-hour snowshoe rentals available: 5/adults, $3/children under 12. Friends of Ganondagan members receive free snowshoe rentals (please bring proof of membership). Or, bring your own equipment.

Listen to traditional Haudenosaunee legends and stories.

Native Foods
Taste warm, delicious authentic Native foods; available for purchase.