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The Friends Of Ganondagan

The Friends of Ganondagan, (The Friends) is a not for profit, 501c. (3) Corporation created in 1989 as a private educational partner to the Ganondagan State Historic Site. Located in Victor, New York, it is the only New York State Historic Site dedicated to Native Americans (1987), and the only Seneca town developed and interpreted in the United States.

Vision Statement

Ganondagan State Historic Site is the internationally recognized resource for Haudenosaunee (Iroquois) history, culture and living traditions that express universal ideals of peace cooperation and respect for each other and the natural world.

Mission Statement

To honor and promote Haudenosaunee history and culture and to strengthen traditions through inspirational and transformational programming and other activities at Ganondagan with special emphasis on:

  • Encouraging respect and understanding between Native Americans and non-native Americans.

  • Collaborating with NYS, Haudenosaunee (Iroquois) and the local community to support and develop Ganondagan State Historic Site.

  • Extending values to the public that are alternatives to the popular culture.

  • Developing Native American youth and educating them in the wisdom of their elders.

  • Collaborating with other indigenous people of the world as well as with diverse religious and ethnic communities to promote the common values of peace, cooperation and respect for each other and the natural world.

Friends of Ganondagan Board of Trustees

Executive Board

Jeffrey Burnette (Onondaga descent), President

Carl Hatch-Feir (Tyendinaga Mohawk), Vice President

Lyndsey McGrath, Treasurer

Kae Woodruff Wilbert (Cherokee), Secretary

Board of Trustees

Christopher Bethmann (Mohawk and Oneida)

Sarah Contant (Mohawk)

Patricia Corcoran (Tonawanda Seneca, Bear Clan)

Richard David Hamell

Jamie Jacobs (Tonawanda Band/Seneca, Turtle Clan)

Peter Jemison (Seneca, Heron Clan)

Lilyan Jones (Seneca, Bear Clan)

Dalton LaBarge/Rohsennase (Akwesasne Mohawk, Bear Clan)

Mindy Magyar (Mi'Kmaq, Sipekneꞌkatik First Nation)

Judy Martin-Holland (Mohawk)

Laticia McNaughton (Mohawk)

Crystal Peloquin (Cherokee)
Cheyenne Reuben-Thomas (Oneida of Wisconsin, Turtle Clan)

Saul Schuster

Kendall Nasakoskaka Scott (Kickapoo Tribe of Oklahoma)

Rebekah Stormm-Reitter (Saponi)

Teah M. Terrance (Mohawk)

Katie Woodruff (Cherokee)

Friends of Ganondagan Staff

Meg Joseph, Executive Director

Jeanette Jemison (Mohawk), Program Director

Susanne Newland, Bookkeeper


Friends of Ganondagan
PO Box 113, Victor, NY 14564


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