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May - October Group Tour Program

Peter Jemison speaking the the bark longhouse to a group of college students

Two-hour program consisting of three activities:

Creation Story Film- This award-winning film was based off the Iroquois Creation Story as told by Chief John Arthur Gibson. Told through a combination of live action and animation, the film portrays the story of Sky Woman and the creation of Turtle Island. (Film is 16 minutes long)

Gallery Tour- Ganondagan Interpreters will guide your group for a formal tour of the gallery. The Gallery contains important artifacts and reproductions which tell the the history of Ganondagan , a large-scale town model of the 17th century town, historical and contemporary Hodinöhsö:ni’ life.

Seneca Bark Longhouse - Experience 17th century Seneca lifestyles through interpretation and material culture including, tools, trade objects, utensils, clothing and other objects used by the of the Seneca people. A Native American Interpreter will be with your group for a formal presentation in the Longhouse. (Available May 1- October 31)

Extend Your Ganondagan Experience

For an additional per student fee your Ganondagan experience can be extended. Each additional program option is a 30 minute session. Lunch space is available to break the day up.

Trail of Peace Walk – Walk this grassland trail with a Native American Interpreter and learn the history of the 17th century Seneca village site. (Available May 1- October 31)

Earth is Our Mother – Walk along this wooded trail with a Native American Interpreter and learn from an ethnobotanical perspective the importance and uses of the trees and plants. (Only Available May 1- October 31)

Longball – Break into teams and play a traditional Hodinöhsö:ni’ game that is similar to Baseball and Dodgeball combined. (Available May 1- October 31)

Storytelling- Enjoy a session traditional storytelling as told by our talented Native American Interpreters.

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