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November - April Group Tour Program

A historical interpreter stands in the museum gallery talking to a group of young students

Two-hour program consisting of:

Creation Story Film- This award-winning film was based off the Iroquois Creation Story as told by Chief John Arthur Gibson. Told through a combination of live action and animation, the film portrays the story of Sky Woman and the creation of Turtle Island. (Film is 16 minutes long)

Gallery Tour- Ganondagan Interpreters will guide your group for a formal tour of the gallery. The Gallery contains important artifacts and reproductions which tell the the history of Ganondagan , a large-scale town model of the 17th century town, historical and contemporary Hodinöhsö:ni’ life.

And ONE of the following options:

Cornhusk Doll Workshop- Students will hear the story of the cornhusk doll and have the opportunity to make their own doll to take home with them. (Available November 1-April 30)

Indoor Games- Students will get to play a “fireside” game played in the wintertime by Hodinöhsö:ni’ people, Gasgë’ëhse:ta’ (Deer Buttons). This game is played by two or more players and is played by throwing the deer buttons on a table or mat trying to get them to land in specific combinations similar to Yahtzee. Score is kept using dried beans and the team with the most beans wins the game! Students will also have the opportunity to play an indoor version of Hoop & Javelin! In this “Nerf” style game students throw a javelin at a moving hoop, attempting to get their javelin tip through the center of the hoop. (Available November 1-April 30)

Storytelling- Traditional stories with Ganondagan’s talented Native American Interpreters.

Extend Your Ganondagan Experience

For an additional per student fee your Ganondagan experience can be extended. Each additional program option is a 30minute session. Lunch space is available to break the day up.

- Enjoy a session traditional storytelling as told by our talented Native American Interpreters.

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