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Three Sisters Greens and Beans


  • 1 large vidalia onion, diced

  • 16 oz. kale, roughly chopped

  • 1 can (15 oz.) black-eyed peas

  • 1 lb. Hartmann’s Old World Apricot & Cranberry Sausage

  • 1 lb. delicatta squash, peeled

  • 1 ½ cups Hulled White Corn, cooked/prepared ahead

  • 1 can (15 oz.) cannellini beans

  • 2 large cloves of garlic, minced

  • 4 tablespoons butter

  • ½ cup pecorino locatelli cheese, grated

  • 4 ½ cups of water


  1. Prepare ahead Hulled White Corn. 

  2. Dice onion and sauté in butter until caramelized. 

  3. Slice sausage into bite sized pieces and add to onion and sauté for 10 minutes.

  4. Cut delicatta squash into small pieces and add to 2 ½ cups of water in a large soup pan and boil until al dente. Remove the squash.

  5. Add 2 more cups of water and add the greens to simmer.

  6. Add the black-eyed peas and the beans with their juices to the soup pan. Add the corn and garlic.

  7. Let simmer for 45 minutes, adding the squash back in after 30 minutes.

  8. May need to add more or less water based on desired consistency. Garnish with grated cheese.

Serves 8.

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