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Shagbark Hickory

Carya ovata

Seneca Name


Common Name

"Scalybark Hickory," "Shellbark Hickory"


Earth is Our Mother Trail

GPS Coordinates

N 42°57.890' W077°25.167'

This tree has a uniquely shaggy bark and large compound leaves. Shagbark nuts and the syrup are edible. Wood and bark prized for many utilitarian uses. Bark used for lashing on the Bark Longhouse at Ganondagan. The shagbark hickory is a large tree (70-100') with a tall trunk and a narrow, irregular crown. The leaves are pinnately compound and are 8-14" long. The leaves have 5 elliptical leaflets that are 3-7" and are finely saw-toothed. The leaves are a yellow-green and turn golden-brown in the Fall. The bark in very young trees is gray and smooth but it soon takes on its characteristic and highly recognizable rough and "shaggy" nature. The flowers are tiny and greenish and are visible in the Spring before the leaves appear. The nuts are round and 1.25-2.5" long with a think green husk. The husk will turn dark brown and split when mature to reveal the edible and tasty nut.

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