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Front entrance of the Seneca Art and Culture Center

Seneca Art & Culture Center

Bark Longhouse at Ganondagan surrounded by tall field plants

Welcome to the Town of Peace

Ganondagan State historic site is the site of a large 17th Century Seneca Town. At its height there were more than 150 bark buildings in the main village housing an estimated 4,500 people.  

Ganondagan (Gah-nun-dah-gan) is the Seneca name for the town, it's literal translation is  "White Town" with a meaning of "Town of Peace"

Coneflower with a visiting bumblebee

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Friends of Ganondagan membership connects you to the unique living culture and natural world of the Seneca and Haudenosaunee people at their historic Town of Peace. Your membership helps make it possible for us to present popular, annual events, meaningful workshops, engaging lectures, and vibrant programming.

Bronze statue of dancing Haudenosaunee family wearing traditional attire with a green field in the background


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